Heating Fuel For Those In Need

It is that time of year again when Jack Frost starts nipping at our noses. While many of us are able to enjoy these frigid nights comfortably in our  cozy homes, some of our neighbors are struggling to stay warm. Heating fuel can be expensive and for those on meager limited budgets, food and medicine costs may mean that the oil tank remains empty that month. 

DEHOFI is here to help. We have partnered with Cochran Oil Company to provide heating fuel to these less fortunate neighbors. Last Thursday marked our fist oil delivery of the season. Each delivery is for 50 gallons  which would cost the homeowners at least $100. As we make these periodic deliveries throughout the winter, you will see our "Delivery Day!"posts pop up. We hope they inspire you to give.

As always, we thank our sponsors and are eager to show their donations at work. If you are interested in sponsoring an oil delivery or a repair project, please contact us or simply click the "Donate" button below. Every little bit helps!

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