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Assistance for a Brain Injured Vet

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WILMINGTON, DE, August 27, 2012—One of the organizational-wide goals of the Delaware Housing Opportunity Fund, Inc. (DEHOFI) is to provide financial assistance in the area of housing needs for working class Delawareans.  DEHOFI is a local charity originated and primarily funded by New Castle County Realtors.  On August 18th, a project began for Linda and Jeff Szczubelek, of Middletown, to repair a basement wall that was wet and contained mold due to faulty flashing installed on the floor above. 

Jeff suffered a brain injury while serving in the Air Force in Nebraska several years ago.  Linda found out about DEHOFI through her social worker at the VA Hospital.  One of the nurses that was visiting him, like they regularly do, had asked Linda if they needed any housing assistance.  She usually answered no but this time she mentioned the problem they were having with the basement wall.  At the time, they were keeping an air purifier in the basement to help keep the air clean for Jeff.  If he gets sick, he has seizures and his memory reverts back to right after his injury.  It is an unsettling time for the family.  Their 4 year old son, Sam, has asthma so it is not a healthy environment for him either.  A month or so had past after Linda mentioned the problem to their nurse and just when Linda thought they would have to figure out a way to fix this problem the best they could, she got a call from Bill Whittaker at DEHOFI.  He set up a time to come out with Dave Hanlon, a mold specialist, to look at the problem.  Bill told Linda right then and there that they would be able to fix the wall for her and install new flashing on both her front door and her back sliding glass door.  This was such a relief for Linda because she knew it would make the house a healthier living environment for both her husband and her son and it would be one less thing for her to worry about.  Linda previously worked as a nursing assistant but now takes care of her family full time. 

Dave called Linda within two weeks of the meeting to schedule the time to do the repair work.  The walls were cleaned to remove the surface mold and then sealed to keep the moisture out. 

Linda said she couldn’t have been more pleased with how smooth the entire process was and commented that “Bill was easy to work with and very diligent with his follow up.” 

DEHOFI was founded in 2008 and is a 501©3 corporation that provides financial assistance in areas of housing needs to include but not limited to: low and moderate homeownership, community development, disaster response specific to housing and financial support to other organizations involved in parallel missions.  Over half of the funds they raise are invested to help keep low and moderate income homeowners in safe, clean and decent housing environments.  The remaining funds are allocated to other projects including settlement help and veterans assistance programs. 

For more information about the Delaware Housing Opportunity Fund, or to find out how you or your company can get involved, visit or call their main office at (302) 762-4800.


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