Delaware Housing Opportunity Fund, Inc (DEHOFI)


The Delaware Housing Opportunity Fund Inc (DEHOFI) is a unique, 501c3 corporation providing financial assistance in the area of housing needs to include but not limited to: low and moderate homeownership, essential repairs for qualified senior homeowners and veterans, community development, disaster response specific to housing and financial support to other organizations involved in parallel missions. 


There are a number of state and county organizations who do essential and emergency repairs for seniors and also for the disabled... the issue with those are that there are long waiting lists of up to 3 years for them. And that is why we're so unique, dependent on our fundraising ability, we're able to go and do these needed repairs right away because a lot of these issues can't wait for 3 years.

Changing Lives

The Letter below was written by a Delawarean in need helped by DEHOFI:

Mr Whittaker and DEHOFI, I can never begin to thank you for replacing my oil tank and the removal of the used one. Through you, I can have peace of mind now that I will have heat this winter. It is a scary feeling to wake up at night and have no heat, it is also a scary feeling to out live your funds and you have have taken a large amount of stress away. I still think I'm dreaming to know that through the generosity of people who donate to DEHOFI, who has blessed me with such generous help, brings tears to my eyes. I can not thank them enough!

I am 87 years old with Parkensons disease and heart trouble and DEHOFI has allowed me to hold on to my independence and remain in my mobile home. DEHOFI is truly a charity that helps real people in need. I barely get by on my income but I will find a way to donate to DEHOFI myself to pay forward my gratitude.


Many Blessings,

Joseph J. Gallo


Some of the families we've helped


Safe Steps for Senior

The home where Mrs. Coverdale raised her four children was in dire need of replacing deteriorated and unsafe brick steps in the front.


Hole in Kitchen

The rear portion of Mr. Tate’s home was deteriorating so badly that his home was about to be condemned by the City of Wilmington.


Water Damage & Home Repairs

Mary Richardson, of Wilmington, needed to do many small repairs to her home and one larger project to repair the water damaged ceiling in her kitchen from a leaking toilet in the bathroom on the second floor.

Our Partners

These sustaining sponsors have made a multi-year financial commitment to help make the DEHOFI mission possible.


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